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The East Coast Throws Academy has seen a number of changes since originally being formed as the Allegheny Mountain Throwers Club in 2004 by brothers, Ryan & Chad Yurchick. What started as a small group of likeminded high school throwers has become one of the most well-rounded and successful programs in the nation.

Coach Ryan has been throwing since he was nine years old and Chad was not far behind. Their interest in the throws came from watching their Aunt Sutton compete and find success as an standout high school female thrower. Ryan entered his first discus competition in the fourth grade, which he won. The rest is history. Fast forward a few years and Ryan & Chad have developed quite the coaching resume; including high school national champions, state champions, and NCAA All-Americans.

During his Sophomore year of high school, Chad threw 148'4" and was the diameter of a discus away from qualifying for the Pennsylvania state championship meet. That was enough to convince Ryan to take a break from his own throwing pursuits in order to help his brother reach his goal of becoming a state champion. It worked and he accomplished his goal...TWICE. Throwers from around the area began to take an interest in training with us and this led to the formation of a summer training group. The most fun part of this was that we were able to train in the throwing circle and basketball court in our backyard. Our parents were generous enough to allow us to turn their garage into a "training center" and a place to collect throwing implements, which included items such as disc brake rotors, chains, tires, and old sports balls filled with sand.

Our mission is to spread our love of all of the olympic throwing events and share our knowledge by providing the best possible instruction to throwers of all ages. 


Ryan is a phenomenal coach. I’ve been meeting with him for years, and, to this day, he continues to help me perfect my throwing techniques. He is a reliable, patient coach who wants to see his athletes succeed. Time with these coaches is time extremely well spent.

—  Kat M.

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