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Darrik Muroski during his discus throw PR series at the 2013 PIAA State Championships (photo courtesy of PennTrackXC staff)

"Ryan demonstrated a profound expertise in coaching all of the throwing events, rooted in his own experience as a college-level athlete as well as his devotion to studying the nuances of the sport. He made sure to thoroughly understand the mechanics of every event in order to effectively instruct all of his diverse athletes."
"He was the rare kind of coach that was serious and hardworking, drawing respect from his athletes, but was also fun to be around. Ryan is conscientious, diligent and devoted to his athletes and their success."

"I know I would not have done so well in my college career without Ryan’s guidance. In the hammer throw, he coached me to two bronze medals at the Penn Relays, three consecutive ECAC appearances, three consecutive second-place Patriot League finishes, a spot in the first round of the NCAA Regionals and a Lehigh University school record."

--Emily S.

"I have been throwing for about 8 years, and as a coach, Ryan stood out. He had specific drills for each thrower depending on what they were working on. Ryan was able to explain each drill well so each athlete would get the most out of training and practice. He paid attention to every throw and balanced the practice time between lifting, throwing, conditioning, and drills. Ryan was good at recording our throws so we could visualize and practice on our own. He would also be available outside practice time to help his athletes out with anything. Most importantly, he really did listen and care about his athletes."

"Even though he did not coach me this past year, he has been very encouraging the entire year. He has a true passion for throwing and anyone would be very lucky to have him as a coach."

--Becki D.

"...Ryan Yurchick exemplifies some quality characteristics that many wish their coach could have.

I think his greatest quality is his drive for educating himself. Ryan was always ready to try something new if he thought it would make us better athletes. The fact that he was willing to individualize our programs by learning something that might make us better, like a drill that might be better for a speed savvy athlete or yoga to work on our flexibility, depicts his willingness to learn what ultimately can help us become better athletes."

--E'lana L.