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Small Group
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Small Group Training

Semi-Private Training Sessions

These sessions are conducted in groups of 2-4 throwers of the same event. This gives students a chance to share ideas/receive feedback from other throwers in addition to the coaches. These sessions also facilitate the formation of new relationships with other throwers who have the same desire to improve their abilities. Each training session lasts approximately 2 hours. This is dependent on the focus and content of the scheduled workout. These sessions are focused on developing the proper technique and drills to help become more efficient in the event.


Remote Video Analysis

Benefits Those Who Cannot Meet In Person

A thorough video analysis of your throws. Our coaches will identify things you do well and provide drills in order to fix technical flaws. Includes phone conversations.


College Search Counseling

Guidance for Prospective College Students & Families

We have experience on all sides of the college search/athletic recruiting process. We have coached at all levels of the NCAA, worked at one of the most prestigious higher education institutions in the nation, guided multiple families to acceptance into the college of their choice, and we have even been on our own official visits to some of the most selective institutions around. We provide the most valuable insights for those looking to make a sound investment in their future and also help those who may be hoping to secure funding and additional merit scholarships for their post-secondary education.

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